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A perfect guide for making use of QuickBooks file doctor

With the technical advancements and advanced technologies, gone are the days when people used pen and papers for managing their company’s accounts and finances. And thus, to carter such accounting and financial requirements of small and mid-sized organisations, Intuit introduced QuickBooks. 

QuickBooks is now the top pick for all organisations which single-handedly simplifies the financial needs of all businesses. However, suppose we scratch down to its technicalities and algorithms. In that case, there are times when the user might encounter common issues and errors while using QuickBooks, which in turn could even lead to hampering the smooth flow of a working organisation. 

This is where QuickBooks file doctor comes in play which helps in repairing and eliminating common bugs and errors in no time. Hence, we have come up with this article in order to provide you with better insight and a number of useful facts related to the tool. 

What is QuickBooks file doctor?

Before just hopping onto the advantages and the role of the tool, let us first understand what exactly QuickBooks file doctor is. As the name implies “Doctor”, the tool is made to treat or repair the bugs and errors faced by the users while using QuickBooks. 

QuickBooks file doctor is mainly used to get rid of the issues that are associated with the windows, files and data corruption. The tool will first diagnose the issue and then perform the necessary tasks that are needed to fix the persisting errors. Read further, to know more about the tool and its various advantages. 

What could be the scenarios wherein QuickBooks file doctor can be of use?

Here is a list of scenarios, where you can count on QuickBooks file doctor to help you get rid of them:

- When the user is facing a problem at the time of accessing a QuickBooks company file

- When the user is unable to use multi-user mode in QuickBooks 

- When there are network connectivity issues 

- When any damaged file is unable to open 

What are the various advantages of QuickBooks file doctor?

- Helps user in fixing the network connectivity issues

- Helps user in saving an ample of time and efforts 

- Helps user in protecting the data from getting damaged or corrupted 

- Helps user in getting rid of various file issues 

What are the steps to download and install QuickBooks file doctor?

First method: download the tool from the internet:

- Download QuickBooks file doctor and open .QBFD.exe file 

- Then the tool will start to install

- Once done, the file doctor will open automatically 

- Ensure that you have .Net Framework 

- Now, follow the on-screen instruction till the process ends 

Second method: download the tool using QuickBooks tool hub:

- Download QuickBooks tool hub file 

- Now, save the file at a location where it can be located easily 

- Open quickbooksToolHub.exe file 

- And, follow the on-screen instructions, agreeing to the terms and conditions 

- Once installation ends, place a double click on the tool hub icon 

- As it opens, choose the ‘company file issues’ tab

- Now, click on ‘Run QuickBooks file doctor option’ and with for the process to end 

Reaching at the end of this article, we are hoping that we were successful in offering you a complete guide about the usage and various benefits of QuickBooks file doctor. If not, then you can reach out to our team of QuickBooks experts by placing a call at (855)-948-3651.


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